Quanzhou Shoe Baotuan Brewing Plants In Russia

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Having experienced many hardships, the Quanzhou trade with Russia is experiencing a significant rebound. Recently, the reporter from the Quanzhou City Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation received data in the first quarter of Quanzhou on the Russian market's total exports reached 46.29 million U.S. dollars, up 93.67 percent year on year growth.

Russia exports rebounded sharply, indicating exit routes to Russia from the Quanzhou "gray" wash "white" effect began to emerge, while the Russian government on the Chinese businessmen to strike, but also to many traders took the Baotuan Quanzhou road, in Russia Direct factory has been brewing.

Open up the normal export channels

Quanzhou exports to Russia quite a few minutes the situation improves the taste. Data show that the first quarter of this year, compared to 2009, Quanzhou sharp rebound in exports to Russia reached 46.29 million U.S. dollars, an increase of even more than 90%. This is the long absence of high growth. Quanzhou foreign trade, according to the relevant person in charge of bureau in 2009, Quanzhou Russian exports continued to slump in nearly 20 percent of negative growth.

In analyzing the reasons for a sharp negative growth, the official said, on the one hand, because the financial crisis, the Russian economy suffered setbacks, and affected the spending power. More importantly, the Russian official on the Chinese business blow to Russia's export business confidence weakened spring.

Russian anti-Chinese businessmen, is exported to Russia two years ago Quanzhou not avoid a topic. September 2008, the Russian government to combat the "gray customs clearance" as an excuse, surprise inspections at two major regional markets Gaussian one Aste market, seized Chinese businessmen in a warehouse of shoes, clothes , socks and other daily necessities, of which there are hundreds of enterprises in Quanzhou affected, the goods were seized about 400 million U.S. dollars. Last year in June, Russia is completely closed Gaussian market.

Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Russia, according to King Huai of iron introduced against Chinese businessmen in Russia although the main target of "gray customs clearance", but the normal way, and Quanzhou from Russia's goods, has also been implicated, "because the market is Quanzhou Gauss products to the Russian after the main distribution center, the market was closed, Quanzhou export a moment do not know where to go. "

It is precisely in the repeated setbacks, the Quanzhou official start guide enterprises to enter the Russian market through normal channels, on the one hand, on the export of Russian goods through normal channels, to take affirmative measures; the other hand, began the construction of vectors, last May, Quanzhou set up by the five joint venture companies in Russia spring's "Wu Fuxing Import & Export Company", making use of normal clearance spring enterprises channels into the main platform for Russia. The platform includes logistics companies and customs clearance companies in the Russian Min-business through this platform of products shipped to Russia, from the enterprise out of Quanzhou, in China, customs declaration, transportation to Russia, to Russian customs declaration until the sales and marketing sections in Russia of heading back to full compliance with Russian regulatory requirements related to the normal customs clearance channels.

And Wu Fuxing established, immediately become an important platform for exports to Russia in Quanzhou, the data show that last year, Wu Fuxing exports more than 50 million U.S. dollars, only half a year, Quanzhou entered the top ten export, the first quarter of this year, Wu Fuxing is a sharp growth in exports, total exports has more than 20 million U.S. dollars. "Normal export channels open up, is the sharp rebound in exports to Russia in Quanzhou the main reason."

Baotuan fragmented nature of combat or replace

Rebound in exports to Russia, while spring Baotuan business operations in Russia, is replacing the fragmented nature of the past.

Recently, Wang Guangyuan back to business in the Russian spring Fujian, in addition to the General Assembly of foreign companies participating in Fujian Province, Quanzhou, another purpose and joint enterprise set up factories in Russia to discuss things. Prior to this, Wang Guangyuan has invested in a business in the Russian city, the business city in Gaussian market is closed, a lot of business together in spring.

Prior to doing business in Russia springs, multi-trade dominated by shoes. Quanzhou them with the advantages of local shoes manufacturing industries, orders to local production, and then sent to the Russian sales. Wang Huai-iron that spring tried to domestic production of shoes will be shipped to Russia for final processing of semi-finished and put on the Russian-made tag sales, a good idea.

However, the spring enterprises setting up factories in Russia is the biggest problem facing Russia's labor policy, according to Russia's policy in recent years, Russia continued to reduce the quota for foreign workers, and only willing to grant short-term visas, "which set up factories in Russia in the spring to the stability of production enterprises created certain difficulties. "

In this context, the adoption of the platform business in the Russian spring, Baotuan set up factories in Russia seems to be a good choice. Quanzhou Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau that the responsible person, to really seize the Russian market, is the trend in the local factories directly, but the local enterprises in Russia are not familiar with the spring, in this case, through the spring with the co-operation in Russia, will is a good choice.
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Quanzhou Shoe Baotuan Brewing Plants In Russia

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This article was published on 2010/10/29