America and Russia Best Friends Forever?

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It took many years, but at last, America and Russia have gotten together and agreed on something. There has been a long history of competing over who is the world superpower and who has the best missiles. The signing of a new treaty has opened the door to many new advances in the way of internal affairs. This treaty will reduce the nuclear arms that Russia and America have and will bring a new friendship between Russian and American diplomats.
In the past years, it has been a struggle to gain a friendship with the Soviet country, but as soon Barack Obama landed in Russia on July 6th, he was greeted with an open hand. Russia wants to join forces to combat the war on terror. Differences were put aside as the two presidents sat down and talked of the new treaty. The question that everyone is asking is, "Will it last?" For many years Russia and America have been trying to outdo each other. It is not that easily tamed some argue. With the signing of the new treaty, both countries agree that they would reduce their nuclear arms and work together in this war on terror.
Russia and America, amid their differences, have a lot to offer. Since the cold war, there was talk of restoring the relationship and move ahead in these troubling times. The president of Russia said that the crisis was all America's fault at the beginning of Barack Obama's presidency, but all arguments were tossed aside and they agreed to be allies instead of enemies. For many years it has seemed that America and Russia would continue fighting over who has the bigger guns, but after July 6, 2009, all hatreds and past hatreds are dissolved. The new treaty will go into detail of reducing the 1700-2000 level by 2012. This is technically the same plan that was instituted after the Cold War, but was never initiated.
Russia and America are friends at last for the time. There is no telling whether any country will be true to their words. Through the treaty, the words are protected. Barack Obama has said that he was to "move on" from the cold war mentalities and develop a new relationship in which forces are united and all differences put aside. The president of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, has agreed on the above terms of the treaty in hope to also restore the relationship that was destroyed so many years ago.

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America and Russia Best Friends Forever?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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